How to lineup an iron clad startegy for your next cricket betting game

How to lineup an iron clad startegy for your next cricket betting game

26th February 2020 0 By Dream11 Winner

Most of those who do betting on cricket do it for fun and entertainment. They are generally people who are avid followers of the sport, keeping tracks of the teams as well as the careers of the individual players. While there are people who are occasional bettors doing it while backing their favourite teams, there are some that are also serious about making a profit off the sport. If you are one of the latter, it is absolutely essential that you develop an iron-clad strategy that will not fail you.


Though the transition from recreational betting to professional level betting can be tough, the first step is to analyse your stakes and getting a more thorough and pragmatic overview of the matches to be played. International cricket council has 105 members with 10 full members who play test matches, 35 associate members along with 60 affiliate numbers. It is therefore impossible to have a detailed knowledge of every league, tournament, player or their teams. A good place to start is the domestic scene which generally gets good press coverage both offline and online. Many people also start with fantasy cricket and there are many new fantasy cricket websites that are coming up. 


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is also a good place to start. 10 teams compete in the tournament each with a 16 players minimum squad strength with at least 14 matches in each edition. These are manageable numbers for anyone who wants to bet seriously. IPL also leads charts in online sports betting in India as bets now are easily placeable, online on websites like and a lot of others as well.


Research thoroughly about recent stats: It is only through detailed research about the game that will help you in understanding the game better and in which way the results of the game might end up going. It is common that a player in a great form will keep on performing well, while someone who is not in form finds it difficult to snap out of the slump. While placing bets against the trend may seem to be tempting, it generally never is as rewarding.


Research Teams and Players

As is also required for all other sports, it is very important, in case of cricket to know in detail about the players and the teams that they play for. This will guide you into understanding in which way the game or parts of the game might end up in. 


Bankroll Management: The next most important thing when it comes to being a successful bettor is setting up and maintaining a bankroll. You must definitely separate your personal finances from your betting finances making sure that they don’t overlap, under any circumstances. Money management is at the heart of professional cricket wagering. The best idea is to bet no more than 10% of one’s bankroll on a single match. Proper bankroll management drastically reduces the risk of losses and provides the possibility of bigger payouts.


Build up your betting: It is extremely important to build your betting up, over time. It’s best to start with matches that you feel confident and comfortable about. You should also familiarise yourself with a trusted bookie.


Maintain focus: Cricket is a huge sport, with many many matches being played all round the year. In order to get the most out of your bets, it is necessary that you avoid exotic and speculative wagers and stick to only those that you are familiar with and those you have researched extensively on.


Emulate Bookmakers: compare predictions and learn about the odds as released by the bookmakers. Try to correlate the data and in case of discrepancy between them, try to figure out where and why the major differences occur.


While ODIs are a great way to start and further develop ones betting skills as not only is a lot of statistical data available readily, all results are also known quickly. ODIs are also played all around the year, in abundance and thus is may be easier for you to concentrate on this format. As it is, with this format having the most popular and prestigious world cup, it is often seen that the betting market is on fire, before the world cup.


Test matches are good for the sheer stability and form of the player snabdteamsbtgat are in play. Bets can be placed on series outcomes, top run scorers, and other popular betting markets. In play betting can also be a fun affair, even though it is unpredictable and based almost entire on guts and emotions and not on concrete stats.